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Melanie is excited to bring the tools and wisdom she has been given to as many people as possible.  With this in mind, Melanie operates under a range of fees based on each organizations circumstances and goals.  

Please contact Melanie with your needs to discuss pricing options.  

Presentations are tailored to individual organizational needs, lasting from 60 minutes to week-long presentations.  All of Melanie’s presentations are designed to allow  for questions and audience participation.

As a firm believer in audience interaction, Melanie is happy to participate in after-seminar individual discussions, small-group and/or CEO trainings, luncheons or other debriefing sessions. If you desire additional time and services, please discuss this with Melanie in advance to ensure an adequate schedule is created to support your needs.  

About MSI

Melanie Smithson Institute is dedicated to enriching lives through embodied education and training; using movement, play and releasing to connect with innate wisdom and joy.  

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