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About the Clinic

At Smithson Clinic, we view illness from physical, emotional, and spiritual perspectives. We are state licensed in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Counseling. In addition, we are trained in a variety of energetic approaches and blend our life experience with many specific techniques to assist your transformation to health and well-being.

Whether you are suffering from physical or emotional discomfort, our approach is to treat the whole person. Emotions and beliefs impact physical manifestations; to ignore this is to impede healing. We will support you in taking charge of your health giving you the option of a variety of techniques, including bio-energetic clearings, acupuncture, acupressure, amino acids, herbs, body-oriented psychotherapy, Sedona Method Releasing, EMDR, DNMS, hypnosis, and subliminal therapies.

Personalized Patient Care

Supporting transformation to health and happiness

As our by-line suggests, at Smithson Clinic we are passionate about seeing you live life to its fullest, to being more than disease free, and to embracing health and vitality.

Achieving this is an individual journey, but one that is made easier by the support of caring professionals.

At the Smithson Clinic, we get personal for several reasons:

  • We're interested in you.
  • Your symptoms, though the same as someone else's, may have a different root cause.
  • It makes treating you possible.
  • Its fun to be in relationship!

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Recent Quotes from Patients

"Gail is passionate about this work. It shows in how he treated me and in his continual push to learn more. I am very grateful to have found him." - J.J.

"If something doesn't work Gail looks for an alternative. He keeps up with all the latest treatments. We can't say enough good about Gail and highly recommend him to others."- C.M. and A.M.



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