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Gluten Sensitivity, Intolerance and Thyroid Issues

In the past several years, we have seen an outbreak of issues related to glutens.  Many people are asking if this is for real or if it's just the next health fad.  The three articles on this page address the issue.  

Gluten Sensitivity and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

1. There is a strong link between gluten (actually gliaden) exposure and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. In our practice it is common to see Hashimoto's clients have nearly complete remission of all symptoms and normalization of TSH after following an elimination diet (especially gluten free).1

2. 50% of people with gluten sensitivities also have cross reactivity with other foods including casein in milk products, corn, coffee, and almost all grains because they share an epitope in common with gluten, or they are structurally similar (see full list below).4

3. In a sensitized individual a single exposure to gluten can fire up the immune system for 8 months.5

4. Digestive health is a critical component in the development of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.6, 7

5. Autoimmune diseases are often progressive. Having one usually means you have others. We have had several clients who were first diagnosed with Hashimoto's and subsequently with others such as antibodies to the bile ducts, MS, and antibodies to the cerebellum.8, 9, 10

6. Celiac disease can mimic amytrophic lateral sclerosis.11

7. The current ratio of clinically diagnosed to undetected cases that is 'the size of the iceberg'- is approximately 1 to 8....for every symptomatic patient with CD there eight patients with CD and no gastrointestinal symptoms.13

There are many other points to be made as to the severity of the gluten/gliaden problem such as the thyroid-related auto-antibodies being activated upon exposure to Gliaden.  To discuss your particular issues please call 303-762-8994 to schedule a consult.

New Facts About Gluten and Cross-Reactivity

1. 50% of baby boomers are predicted to experience Alzheimer's disease; this prediction is based on the increase in inflammation practitioner's are seeing in the body related to gluten intolerance.

2. Current medical testing only tests for one part of wheat/gluten called Gliadin alpha- there are at least 20 other parts that may be problematic

3. Only 50% of people who have gluten sensitivities have symptom relief on a gluten free diet.  The other 50% have cross reactivity to other foods which have a similarly shaped molecule.  Many people give up glutens, don't feel better and think that glutens aren't the problem, which is often not true.  Milk products, quinoa, yeast, coffee, corn, chocolate and other foods can continue to cause gluten like symptoms.

4.  The population is much more reactive due to genetically modified wheat, long term storage of wheat and the chemical modification of gluten 'needed to enhance' the color, appearance and texture of foods.

What Can You Do About Gluten Intolerance?
1. Most obvious, restrict gluten intake - there are some great grain free and gluten free cookbooks available now

2. Come in and get treated with NMT for all allergies, one allergy feeds another

3. Have gluten flam (a product we sell) available for inadvertent (or deliberate) exposure

Gluten-Associated Sensitivity & Cross-Reactive Foods

Below is a list of foods that are often overlooked, but can cause similar symptoms to those who are sensitive to gluten. If you have removed gluten from your diet, but are still experiencing issues, try also removing these foods.  We suggest eliminating one at a time to see which are the trouble-makers.  Or, eliminate them all and add them back in one at a time.


    * Cow’s Milk             
    * Hemp
    * Rye
    * Barley
    * Polish Wheat
    * Buckwheat

     All Milk Products:
    * Alpha-Casein & Beta-Casein
    * Casomorphin
    * Milk Butyrophilin
    * American Cheese

    * Chocolate
    * Sesame
    * Hemp
    * Rye
    * Barley
    * Polish Wheat
    * Buckwheat
    * Sorghum
    * Millet
    * Spelt
    * Amaranth
    * Quinoa
    * Yeast
    * Tapioca
    * Oats
    * Coffee
    * Corn
    * Rice
    * Potato

Product Recommendations

Adjusting to a gluten free diet may seem daunting at first, but with the right support and the right products, it is very manageable.  We cook with almond flour and love the taste of the cookies, breads, pies and more.  The best source we have found is Honeyville Grains.  We use Elena Amsterdam's cookbook, Gluten Free, Almond Flour Cooking, to order, call 303-762-8994.  We also use coconut flour for coating chicken and other products for frying.  We also highly recommend Sedona Method Releasing for working through the emotional issues.  Purchase Melanie's cds or call 303-762-8994 to schedule a free consult. 


Get Your Free Copy of "7 Days to Grain Free Eating"


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5  Can't find the reference will send if you would like.
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