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Sedona Method

4 programs that underlie feelings and behavior

Control Program

Wanting to control. Feels hard edged and pushy.  Synonyms for wanting to control: resistance, wanting to change, wanting to understand, to manipulate, to push, to fix, to force, to have it be our way, to be right, to make it happen, to coerce
Wanting to be controlled.  Feels like wanting to be taken care of, to have someone else do it or be in charge.  Synonyms: wanting to be confused, wanting to be manipulated, to give in, to be fixed, to be forced, to follow, to blame, to be the victim.

Approval Program

Wanting approval. Feels soft and ‘give me’ or needy.  Synonyms: wanting love, acceptance, admiration, caring, to be noticed, to be understood, to be stroked, to be nurtured, to be liked, to be acknowledged, appreciated.
Wanting disapproval. Feels rebellious and rejecting, sometimes spiteful.  Synonyms: wanting to be disliked, to be rejected, to be made wrong, to be misunderstood

Security/Survival Program

Wanting security.  Feels threatened and unsafe.  Synonyms: wanting safety, to survive, to get revenge, to protect ourselves and others, to attack, to defend, to kill.
Wanting to die. Feels like wanting to give up, rejecting life.  Synonyms: wanting danger, to end it all, to expose ourselves and others, to be attacked, to be defenseless, to be threatened, to be killed.

Separation Program

Wanting to be One.  Feels like wanting to connect or dissolve into.  Synonyms: wanting to unite, to be equal with, to be ordinary, to attach, to associate, to join, to connect
Wanting to be separate.  Feel like wanting to pull away and reject.  Synonyms: wanting to be alone, to reject, to look down on, to stand out, to be special, to detach, to disassociate, to disconnect.

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