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Attaining Your Authentic Goals and Desires

Ready to have what you really want?  Wonder why only 5% of goals set are actually achieved?  Learn what the authors of The Secret know.  Explore what truly excites you and learn how to be free of what has sabotaged your goals in the past.  Using Sedona Method Releasing, and experiential activities can accelerate the achievement of all goals.  
Joyful Connections

Relationships are not only personal, but directly impact our performance and vitality in the workplace.  Though we may try to keep work professional and 'leave our personal life at home' this is often difficult to do.  Whether we have dealings with a potential client or a delivery person, the ability to relate affects our ability to perform.  Learn how to stop repeating the same old relationship patterns and how to stay in ‘your happy place’, even when dealing with very challenging people.

Raising the Roof on Self Awareness

Leaving those feelings of enlightenment on the meditation cushion?  In Melanie's private practice, she often hears from clients that 'it's impossible to be calm, enlightened or peaceful at work'.  In this presentation, Melanie offers specific tools to bridge the gap between calm and chaotic, and in so doing, create work environments that are both peaceful and productive.

How Your Emotions Affect Your Prosperity

Have you ever noticed how those with money seem to attract more money and those without money can never seem to accumulate any?  This is because prosperity is directly impacted by the environment we were raised in and by our self beliefs.  While the conscious mind is telling us that money is good and we want more, our subconscious mind (which really runs the show) may be laden with thoughts of 'you don't deserve wealth', 'money is the root of all evil' or 'there will never be enough'.  Until we identify and free ourselves of these subconscious beliefs, we will continue to live in lack.  This seminar will teach you how to get rid of those financially-limiting beliefs and finally experience the wealth you deserve.
Emotional Mastery in the Workplace

Though Donald Trump says “Keep your personal life and feelings out of the boardroom,” this is about as easy to do as leaving one foot outside the boardroom. We can't help but bring feelings about relationships to work with us, and often carry unresolved conflicts from work back home. This presentation offers specific ways to handle emotions in the workplace.

Handling Stress in the Workplace

In this presentation, we will define stress and stressors, both for the individual and the corporation.  We will look at how we carry stress in the body, the sickness that may result, and how Sedona Releasing can alleviate what we call stress.  As we begin to live our lives in harmony, rather than resistance, we free up energy and start enjoying everything more.


About MSI

Melanie Smithson Institute is dedicated to enriching lives through embodied education and training; using movement, play and releasing to connect with innate wisdom and joy.  

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