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The Sedona Method

Endorsed by a multitude of motivational and inspirational authors, including Chicken Soup for the Soul creator Jack Canfield, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus author John Gray and Stand Up for Your Life best-selling author Cheryl Richardson, the Sedona Method is an incredibly easy tool fostering dramatic change.  

This technique enables users to uncover the ability to let go of counterproductive, unwanted or painful feelings and thoughts. It is from this letting go that happiness, success, peace, fulfillment and the achievement of goals is found.  During Melanie’s presentation, she shares this easy-to-follow process and gently guides the audience into the experience of letting go of all negative, self-sabotaging feelings and actions.  

Success in life comes from feeling happy, fulfilled, appreciated and whole.  However, according to Sedona Method director Hale Dwoskin, it is only a small percentage of our population who truly feels this way. In fact, Hale states that:

One in four Americans feel somewhat “angry all the time” while they’re at work
  • Fewer than half of Americans are satisfied with their jobs
  • 35-40 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck
  • 54 percent of Americans are concerned about the level of stress in their everyday lives and jobs
  • Nearly 19 million Americans suffer from depression during any one-year period

Considering the drastic negative implications of these statistics, it is clear that job-satisfaction and feelings while on-the-job are directly correlated with overall happiness in life.  By employing Melanie to explain and train others in the Sedona Method, organizations can decrease these statistics, ensuring their work-force is content and at peace with themselves and their environments.  By securing the happiness of employees, an organization can only expect better performance and attitude of all involved.  

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