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Stop worrying about money and welcome the flow!

If you’re like most of us, and I’m sure you are, you worry about money.  Whether you have it or not.  You may have always had enough, but still wonder when the well will dry up.  Or maybe you’ve always managed to scrimp by and dream of having more. You wait longingly for the day your fortune and feelings will change.  But that day never comes, and for most of you, never will.  Unless you do something about it!

Your Programming About Money Affects Everything!

Does it ever feel like you’re the only one who can’t make life work for you?  Do you compare yourself to others and wonder why they have money and you don’t?  Have you read every self help book on the shelf and still feel stuck?

If so, it may surprise you to learn that you have lots of company.  Most formulas for success do not take into account your individual blueprint and make-up.  People who have accomplished their dreams say that anyone can do it.  Someone who has made great efforts towards success will say ‘you can have everything if you work hard enough’.  And more recently, The Law of Attraction told us that we can just order up whatever we want from the universe.  These comments all fail to recognize that we each have a different money constitution or blueprint that is the key factor in our success.

Our money constitution or blueprint is made up of the feelings and beliefs we have about money.  Some we were directly taught, others we indirectly inherited, and many we assumed based on what we were exposed to.

Money is an emotional issue.  We get emotional thinking about having it, we get emotional thinking about not having it and we get emotional trying to figure out why others have it and we don’t.  We think better of ourselves when we have money, less of ourselves when we don’t, and we are forever judging others by how much money they have and what they do or don’t do with it.  

Our feelings and thoughts about money have a direct impact on our ability to earn it, save it, share it and spend it.  But we can’t change these thoughts or feelings if we don’t know what they are.


Here is a program that provides a genuine solution to your problem.

For anyone ready to invest in a different future, this easy to follow workbook and 6 companion recordings with guided exercises will allow you to:

  • Uncover Your Earliest Imprints about Money- Parental and societal influences from childhood are the foundation for our money beliefs.  Many of us try to emulate our parents, while others do everything we can to be nothing like them.  Either way keeps us stuck.  Discover the subconscious ways your parent’s beliefs keep you from finding your own way.  When we bring the subconscious to the conscious, it becomes available for transformation.
  • Disappear Shame, Guilt, Blame and Judgment- These feelings and related behaviors often permeate our relationship with money and keep us in the loop of self-punishment in the form of not having money.  Identify what’s driving these feelings and move through them so they can let go.
  • Shift Money Habits- It’s likely you don’t recognize a lot of the habitual behaviors you engage in around money, including:
-worrying about money
-defending or justifying your financial status and feelings about money
-trying to figure out what to do with your money
-thinking you’re going to get in trouble for what you do or don’t do with your money

      All of these habits give more energy to what we don’t want!  

  • Let Go of Resistance to Habits of Success- You probably know what the experts recommend- persistence, follow-up, accountability, etc.  But you resist taking the action steps that could take you where you want to go.  How are you consciously sabotaging success, and more important, why would you do this?
  • Explore and Release Feelings About Money- Because of everything listed so far, we have lots and lots of feelings about money, not just lust!  We experience apathy, grief, fear, anger, joy, excitement and so much more at the mere thought.  Learn how to recognize and move through the feelings and not be controlled by them.  
  • Open to Giving and Receiving- When we are cut off from either giving or receiving, we are disrupting the flow of money.  They are opposite energies, completely linked.  Getting comfortable with both giving and receiving is an important step to allowing money to flow effortlessly in your life.
  • Set Goals and Take Action- Yes, these are necessary too!  Setting goals and taking action grounds the transformational work you have done up until now.  You’ll learn to set goals from a place that excites and inspires you to take action, the key components to achieving your goals.  

What others say about the benefits they have received


Melanie’s  ability to leverage all of me is having a great impact upon my results.  She sees things that I do not, and works to release my limiting beliefs and turn them around into action points. Coaching with her has reduced my daily stress level and increased my ability to break through so many barriers.

Jean Schoenecker, Senior Sales Executive, Coach Footwear

OMG!  I had no idea how my beliefs about money were not only affecting my financial status, but everything in my life, including my relationships.  Working through this program has been an eye-opener!  I'm thrilled to say that my life is improving in every area and money is flowing like never before.  Thank-you Melanie!

Jackie Chivers,  MBACP, Senior Therapist, HMP Dovegate Therapeutic Community, England

How this life-changing program can pave the way for your financial success

The Change Your Money Mindset Program was developed by Melanie Smithson in 2012 after 15 years of working with groups and individuals on their emotional issues.  This work showed her how clearly finances and well-being are entwined.   Melanie saw the need for a more in-depth look at how our beliefs affect our finances, and how our finances affect our ability to be happy.  She uses her own unique blend of modalities including Sedona Method Releasing, Body Awareness, Wonder and Compassion to help move you through limitations around money.  

Your Personal Workbook and Recordings

The 50 page workbook and 6 accompanying recordings form the basis for the program and will be where you flush up the underlying fears, beliefs and behaviors that sabotage success.  A stand alone program designed so that you can work through it on your own or in partnership with a friend or coach.
Using the workbook you will:

•    Discover the affect of parental imprints about money
•    Transform beliefs and negative self talk
•    Move through feelings of  shame, guilt and blame
•    Recognize all the ways you judge yourself and others around money
•    Let go of habits of worrying, defending and explaining
•    Learn what to do with feelings of apathy, fear and grief
•    Learn to practice productive habits
•    Set Goals and Take Action  

Is the Program Right for You?

This program is not for everyone…

To help determine if you are a good candidate and the program is the right fit for you, consider these questions:

•    Can I afford to not do the inner work necessary to transform my relationship with money?
•    Am I willing to commit the time and resources it will take for this to happen?

That’s it.  Two questions.  Can I afford to not do the work?  Am I willing?


If you honestly answered both of these questions, and you're ready, then I
have an offer for you.  

Here's my offer:

Purchase the program for only $147 and get two free 30 minute coaching sessions with me over the next two months to support your success.  The coaching sessions alone are valued at $250.

But, you have to act now.  There are a limited number of coaching slots available each month and when full this offer may no longer exist.  

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