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Play More, Earn More
The power of play lies in its ability to bring us into the present moment, where we are more available and open to possibility. When we embrace play as a state of mind, the challenging tasks become effortless and the seemingly impossible becomes achievable. Learn why making time for play is critical to success, and how to embed play into on-going activities, including work.

Lighten Up, It’s Just Life
The seriousness with which we approach life leads to stress, ulcers, heartache and more. We think ‘being serious’ is important to success and being an adult. When we can learn to have fun with what life presents, we become more capable, confident and productive. Perhaps surprisingly, when we lighten up, we get more of what we want.

Embody Your Dreams/Achieve Your Goals
The body is an overlooked ally in achieving goals. In our society, we have been taught to sit with our legs crossed, our arms folded, and to not get too big or too loud. This limited range of movement in the body is mirrored in our lives with limited opportunity and abundance. Literally learning to open hands, arms and mouths can remove barriers to having and enjoying more. Melanie gently guides audiences to have fun with movement to support success.

Think It’s Just Stress, Think Again
The tendency to dismiss stress is rampant and dangerous. We have become accustomed to unacceptable levels of distress and disease in our bodies. The impact is both emotional and physical. It takes a toll on our relationships, our work and our ability to enjoy. Learning to flow with life’s challenges is a task that all humans must master. Through the body, play and Sedona Method Releasing, we can let go of the impact of stressors, big and small.

What the Fun? An Irreverent Approach to Success
In this very playful keynote or workshop, we challenge the common perceptions and beliefs about success. Beliefs such as hard work pays off, pushing hard is necessary, and never give up, may not support success as much as we’ve been led to think. Learning to make fun of ourselves and wonder why we do it all, can allow us to let go of the critical importance we may have associated with being successful. When we let go of the attachment, entertain new ways of doing and open ourselves to what shows up, life becomes richer than we could have imagined.

About MSI

Melanie Smithson Institute is dedicated to enriching lives through embodied education and training; using movement, play and releasing to connect with innate wisdom and joy.  

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