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Opening to Love- Part 2- A 3-day Course in Miracles Retreat in Santa Fe, N.M.

Ready to go deeper? Be the love, the joy, the freedom that you inherently are.

The belief that you are the body-mind and the subsequent commitment to it is the source of all suffering. When we think we are the body and the personality that we have created for ourselves, we look to keep it safe at all costs and to validate it's worthiness. This sets off a spin where our lives become driven by wanting approval, control, security, separation and oneness. We take this into all our relationships (in different forms) and life loses its joy.

The game of life itself doesn't change when you know it's a game; but it does get easier to play. (and you know how I feel about playing!)

I've been studying the Course in Miracles for about 40 years and each time I review the lessons and/or reread the text, I find myself going deeper and gaining more clarity. I love the process and sharing it with you. Hope to see you in Santa Fe.

From our participants at the May retreat: "This workshop was life-changing for me. Thank you so much." and  "I am so grateful for our time together. I am working the principles and looking forward to Part 2 in September."

In our time together, we will cover topics such as:

  • Review of material from Workshop Part 1 (see above)
  • How identification with the body creates pain and suffering in the body
  • The true role of the body
  • 'Special' relationships
  • Cleaning up relationships
  • Being in the world but not of it
In person in Santa Fe - Friday, September 24th 6-8pm, Saturday, September 25th (10-4) and Sunday, September 26th (10-1:30).
Investment $337. Click here to register or call 303-762-8994 or email
(If you attended Part 1 in either Santa Fe or Colorado, Friday night is optional but highly recommended)

If you're in Santa Fe and would like to check it out and attend Friday evening, you may do so for $45. To attend Friday only, click here.

Untethering Your Soul Online Class

Next group starting online soon!

                                        Ready for more free-flow, freedom and fun?

A 6-week class with Melanie Smithson based on the teachings of Michael Singer

- The Voice Inside Your Head
- Transcending the Tendency to Close
- Freeing Yourself
- Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone
- Living in Non Resistance

Each week we will discuss topics from the book and how our lives are impacted. Through releasing and experiential activities, we will disperse with the old and welcome new, easier ways of moving through life.

Divine Compensation

Next group starting online soon!
Being in the Flow of Abundance

A 6-week online class with Melanie Smithson based on the Spiritual Principles of Flow.

- What is Faith?
- Forgiving for Miracles
- What you Appreciate, Appreciates
- Reversing Scarcity
- Allowing Abundance

Each week we will discuss topics from the books and how our lives are impacted. Through releasing and experiential activities, we will disperse with the old and welcome new, easier ways of allowing abundance.

Details to come or call 303-762-8994 or e-mail

Sedona Support Group


$25 in advance — $35 at the door. Punch cards are available for 6 or 8 groups at a reduced rate of $20 each. This drop-in group is designed to provide support with your releasing in any area needed.  Groups start with a brief intro and group release with the rest of the time dedicated to answering questions and doing releases based on participant's requests.  This group is open to all levels of releasers.  The groups are held at Smithson Clinic on the first Saturday of each month (this changes occasionally because of holidays and other conflicts) from 10:30am-12noon. Space is limited.  Call 303-762-8994 or click here to register.

"Just a quick note to say that I left our releasing session today feeling lighter, brighter, and more energetic than I have for months. Thank you for you, and thank you for facilitating and sharing the Sedona Releasing Method in such a powerful way." - Denise Alleman, Denver, Colorado

Letting Go into A Course In Miracles


This group is for those inspired by the teachings in A Course in Miracles and want to live the principles more fully. We gather every month both in person and on-line to discuss the lessons and let go of the thoughts and feelings that may be preventing a complete embrace of the course by using Sedona Method Releasing to flush up and release subconscious blocks. In-person meetings are currently held on the third or fourth Saturday of the month. Please join the meetup group for more information and to register.

Finding Happiness with Releasing: Intro

Introduction to the Sedona Method

Ready to let go and enjoy life more? Looking for a tool to use when feeling anxious, stressed or angry Learn techniques that can be easily employed in the moment. With Sedona Method Releasing, you can be in charge of how you respond to what arises and feel more in control of your life. Also uncover the subconscious beliefs that prevent you from having more of what you want in your life. Learn the basics of Sedona Method Releasing and how it can help you experience more freedom in the moment.  If you've read the book and/or listened to the tapes, this is a great opportunity to experience in-person facilitated releases. Watch for future dates or call 303-762-8994 to set up an introduction for your group or organization.

Recording from Sedona Method Support Call

8/21/13 Sedona Support Call 8/21/13 Sedona Support Call (22998 KB)

Support call releases based on talks from Wake Up Festival produced by Sounds True.

Click here to read testimonials from Melanie's workshops.

"Melanie is awesome! She helped me get play and fun back in my life! I now have tools for releasing my anxiety, letting go and allowing wonderful things to happen effortlessly. I highly recommend her workshops and CDs!" - Debra Z.

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Melanie Smithson Institute is dedicated to enriching lives through embodied education and training; using movement, play and releasing to connect with innate wisdom and joy.  

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