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You Deserve to Be Happy
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Get Your Head on Straight  

For the business person who knows there’s a better way…

Do you believe that stress and fatigue are the price you have to pay for success? Have you ever felt like just giving up and running away?

You’re not alone...

These feelings are very common among successful people like you.  You already learned the secrets to attaining financial success and getting ahead. You know how to do your job.

But nobody ever gave you the tools necessary to enjoy your work.  You weren’t taught how to let go, move through your emotions, set appropriate boundaries for yourself or how to make time just for you.

What if you could be successful and enjoy not only the fruits of your labors, but the labor itself?  

Yes, it’s possible…  

And what if you could have the same success in your relationships, in your health, your spiritual pursuits and all your leisure activities?  

Would you be interested?  

Get started today on the road to making the shift with your free strategy session.  

When we work together you will:

  •   Get Clear About Your Passions and Priorities
  •   Get Unstuck from old patterns
  •   Learn to Navigate the Challenging Moments and Stay Sane
  •   Learn How to Use Your Emotions Productively
  •   Improve your communication skills for success
  •   Let go of upsets quickly
  •   Overcome Barriers that limit success in all areas
  •   Learn to break free of thoughts that sabotage you
  •   Stop Procrastinating
  •   Spend less energy in what makes you suffer
  •   Live an abundantly joyful life
And Have fun every single day!

Get started to claim the joyful life you so richly deserve.  

Call me today at 303-271-7659 to schedule your free strategy session.

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The Force Be With You

A 6 Month Coaching Program for Helping Professionals
Over a 6 month period of individual and group coaching you will learn to:
  • Disengage from mind chatter that keeps therapy stuck in stories
  • Track emotions in the body for effortless release
  • Break free of destructive habits including worry and self-criticism
  • Embrace the power of play for yourself and clients
  • Use the body to shift relationship patterns
  • Cultivate positive behaviors to stay refreshed and inspired
  • Set Goals and Take Action
Your Program Includes:

Your Personal Worksheets and Recordings- worksheets and recordings to help you assess your own blocks, evaluate your progress and work through the body to aid you in facilitating your clients through therapy. 

Live, bi-monthly group telephone mentoring- each call will last approximately 90 minutes and will include a short teaching on the subject, group exercises, a question and answer period, and suggested “homework” (or action steps) so you can start benefiting immediately. Calls are recorded so you have continued access to the guided exercises and can accelerate your progress. 

Six private 30 minute coaching sessions- In these sessions, we will get laser focused on your individual questions about using the body to break free for both yourself and clients.  
E-mail Access- Convenient communication when you need it.

Through Melanie’s coaching and patience I was able to really learn how to let go of beliefs that no longer served me and open my eyes and my spirit to new possibilities.  I have learned so much through working with Melanie that I could not even begin to document it all….among the biggest benefits are the tools I have gained to deal with life and all it throws at me (good and bad).  I am so grateful that Melanie has come into my life as I have more acceptance, peace and joy than I could have ever imagined….and yes, life still throws road blocks my way, but now I have the tools to navigate them.  Melanie is a true spiritual rock star and someone to whom I will always be indebted.

Kim Wermuth, Senior Vice President, NCM, Denver, Co.  

A business person herself, Melanie easily moves between the realities of business and the power of the self to create new ideas and strategies for supporting me and my business. Her unique style engages the whole person- not just "the corporate me," but "the whole me."  I know her ability to leverage all of me is having a great impact upon my results.  She sees things that I do not, and works to release my limiting beliefs and turn them around into action points. Coaching with her has reduced my daily stress level and increased my ability to break through so many barriers.  I am more focused on the big picture instead of getting mired in the small stuff, and my work relationships are so much more productive.  In fact, I am looking at all of my relationships in a more productive way.  She is one business partner I am so glad to have on my team!

Jean Schoenecker, Senior Sales Executive, Coach Footwear

Give yourself what you need to live the life you want in joy!

Call 303-271-7659 now to schedule your free strategy session.

About MSI

Melanie Smithson Institute is dedicated to enriching lives through embodied education and training; using movement, play and releasing to connect with innate wisdom and joy.  

Add JOY and SUCCESS to Your Life!  Start NOW!

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