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What would happen without an opinion?

By - Tuesday, August 02, 2016


If you stop to notice, you might realize that most of your feelings of upset are related to having an opinion about what is right and wrong or good and bad. But what if you didn’t have an opinion? (The verse “I wonder if you can” from John Lennon’s Imagine comes to mind.) What would not having an opinion be like? And do you believe not having an opinion is wrong? In other words, do you have an opinion about not having an opinion?

We have layers of beliefs about our beliefs. But, what if, even for just a moment, you could rest beyond beliefs? What if you could recognize that all your beliefs are based on the past and on limited information? What then?   

In this time of turmoil in our world (political angst, mass shootings, natural disasters, etc.), finding peace of mind can be challenging. And yet, we all know the expression, “Let peace begin with me”. If we as individuals cannot find peace within, there is no hope for the world.
If you are interested in finding a place to rest without opinions, here are some suggestions:
1.    Notice that you have an opinion. As best you can, let go of any judgements good or bad about having an opinion.
2.    Ask yourself, what would happen if I didn’t believe that? And go further, ask, is that true?
3.    Let yourself play with having the opposite opinion. Play devil’s advocate with yourself. Or imagine you are on a debate team and have to argue for something you don’t believe, but really want to win the debate.
4.    Ask yourself what you get from having that particular opinion. Could you let go of wanting that?
5.    Pick something in your surroundings that you feel neutral about and imagine having a strong opinion about it, one way or the other, and notice how your body responds.
6.    Pick something in your surroundings that you don’t feel neutral about and imagine letting that opinion go, and notice how your body responds.
7.    And finally, give your opinion to your angels, spirit guides, God, or a totem animal and ask them to hold onto it for a while so you can take a break.  You can ask for it back if you choose.

I’d love to hear about your experience. Please post your comments below. 

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