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Washing the Dishes as an Act of Self-Care

By - Thursday, February 09, 2017

At the time of this writing, I am on a mini retreat of my own. I find that taking myself out of my normal routine and environment is most conducive to a productive writing experience. The act itself is a monumental act of self-care. Being willing to leave the day-to-day running of the clinic and household to my husband is no small task. The ego self likes to believe things will fall apart without my presence for a day. The wiser part of me knows this is a lie and that taking care of self is indeed the most important act for well-being. And individual well-being is the foundation for relationship, community and world well-being. We build outwards from where we stand. If standing on shaking ground (which results from a lack of self-care), we cannot build the world we wish to live in.

On to the specific subject of this blog: washing dishes as an act of self-care. My guess is this is a new perspective for you. That you might think of doing the dishes as a chore that must be done, rather than as a self-care activity. What I recognized this morning, when I used doing the dishes to give myself a writing break, is that it can be used in any way we decide. This morning, I decided that doing the dishes would be a five minute reprieve from writing and an opportunity to change my posture and move my body. Yes, there were other options to achieve this goal- going outside for a walk (would have involved getting out of pjs); doing some sit-ups or jumping jacks; taking a dance or play break are just some ideas. The thing I’m starting to recognize is that in the same way we can make an addictive activity out of almost anything; we can also make a self-care activity out of almost anything.
This is way cool. It expands how we can be Stress Free in 30 Seconds in an infinite number of ways. Just think, what if changing the baby’s diaper could be self-care? What about mowing the lawn? Taking out the trash? I challenge you to think of the activities that you most dislike doing and turning them into an act of self-care.
And please post your results so we can all benefit from your wisdom! Remember, self-care spreads to those you come in contact with. Share the love. 

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