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Want to reduce Stress? Get Curious

By - Tuesday, October 14, 2014

 “What would happen if I tried doing this differently?”

Curiosity is a playful state that demands presence. It’s very different from the analytical mind that tries to find solutions through thought. When we get curious, we don’t assume we already know the answer and just have to figure it out. There’s a recognition we don’t know what’s around the bend, literally or metaphorically.


Curiosity allows for mystery. When I can truly be curious about what my next step might be, I step out of attachment to outcome and find the expansive state I am looking for. 

Curiosity demands presence. We can be curious about the future, but we cannot be curious in the future. We can only be curious right now. 
If you’ve lost your connection to curiosity, all you need do is hang around a toddler or a puppy for five minutes. Watching how they explore the world can be a reminder that you once looked at everything in this way, and you can again. Alternatively, do an art project, take a walk in the woods, or try to solve a  mind-bender puzzle.
To evoke a state of curiosity, go to a museum or park and look at a painting or a tree. Ask it to speak to you. I know, I know, they aren’t literally going to speak to you, but you can allow yourself to imagine that they do have something to show you or tell you about yourself. If you can just be with them, and even wonder why you were drawn to that particular painting or tree, you may learn something that will surprise you.

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