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Shake Your Body for Stress Relief

By - Saturday, June 22, 2013

I love to shake!  Shake my head, shake my shoulders, shake my booty.  When I shake, things loosen up.  The joints, the muscles, the thoughts, the feelings, everything.  Kinda like bouncing, shaking seems to reset my system.  While I do this instinctively, there is strong evidence for shaking as a way to move trauma and release stress.  Animals shake after surviving attempted attacks and shaking has been shown to bring cortisol (stress hormone) levels down.  One side effect that is of particular interest to me, is that when we bring our cortisol levels down, we reduce the desire to binge.  So, if your goal is around weight loss or being free of alcohol cravings, shaking is a direct route.  
But shaking can support us in attaining all of our goals.  To feel the power of shaking, just stop reading for a moment and shake your arms.  You should immediately start to feel a loosening of the joints, the muscles and possibly your thoughts and emotions.    
Shaking has the ability to reprogram physical, mental, and emotional holding patterns.

Shaking is particularly good for the joints of the body (did you know there are more than 800 joints?).  The joints link the bones and provide mobility.  No movement is possible without the joints.  Synovial fluid covers the joints and serves to reduce friction.  Like shaking a bottle of paint or nail polish before using to restore fluidity, when we shake our bodies we move the synovial fluid and this creates more ease in our movement.  When the joints are happy, we are more apt to want to get out of bed and do things.  Happy joints support taking action.  Action steps support achieving goals.  
Almost four years ago, we moved the location of our clinic.  The first six months were pretty slow for my practice.  I had not replaced the clients that chose not to move with me.  And then I started dancing.  Within two or three weeks of being back in dance class, moving my body, restoring flexibility and movement to my joints, my practice was full.  How did that happen?  I have no idea.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  Where the body goes, mind, and life will follow.  

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