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Move from Lethargy and Heaviness to Joy and Freedom

By - Wednesday, August 12, 2015

4 Do’s and Don’ts to Move from Lethargy and Heaviness to Joy and Freedom


Sometimes crappy moods happen. Blame it on the weather, moon cycles, sugar intake, your business partner or hormones. And sometimes, you may have an awareness that you’d rather feel differently. But, contrary to what some may say,  just “choosing to be happy” often doesn’t work.

Here are my 4 Do’s and Don’ts to move from lethargy and heaviness to joy and freedom.


1.    Beat yourself up for feeling the way you do. It happens.
2.    Self-soothe with substances that provide temporarily relief. You will likely regret it later and feel even worse.

3.    Try to figure out why you feel the way you do. (sometimes insights will arise and that can be helpful, but trying to figure it out will just add energy to what you don’t want)
4.    Tell your sad stories of woe over and over again to yourself and others.  (but if you need help, get it)


1.    Acknowledge and allow what is true right now to be here in your body. Let go of resisting even “negative” experiences so they can move through faster.
2.    Remember that all feelings are temporary and not a definition of whom you are.
3.    Allow the lethargy, negativity, or whatever it is you are experiencing to have some space. Perhaps even give yourself a certain amount of time to indulge in it and have fun with it.
4.    Find something that provides a moment or more of delight. A child, a pet, a wind-up toy, a rose or even a cutesy kitty video will do.

You’re human. Expecting yourself to feel happy, positive and grateful all the time is not reasonable or fair. Embrace the challenges that come with being in a body. And remember that change is inevitable.

Please share any of your personal do's and don'ts and help make the world a better place. 

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