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Beyond Frustrated

By - Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How do I get my happy back?


I am being given yet another opportunity today to practice what I preach. I am dealing with a situation where I have been told repeatedly that a product I ordered (and paid for in November 2014) will be in soon and will be mailed to me when it arrives. I have followed through on my end with reminder emails and phone calls. There is no other source for this particular product and I am dealing with a volunteer organization.

What I really want to do is rip someone’s hair out (not mine) and shake them until they are blue in the face?
Have you ever felt this way?
Here’s how we can handle these feelings:
1.    Validate the feeling.  It’s appropriate, it’s allowed and you have a right to feel what you feel.
2.    Imagine doing whatever it is that you’d really like to do to that person if no one would ever know and there would be no consequences. Have fun with this. (I’m doing it as I write)

3.    Feel the sensations of anger in your body and allow them to move through your body until they naturally release.
4.    Ask yourself if you want to continue to be controlled by circumstances outside of your control. If not, choose to let go.
5.    Remind yourself that forgiving them is an act of love for yourself and will bring you back to a state of peace and well-being which is really much more pleasant than frustration.
And finally, write a blog about it.

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