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Success Leaves Clues - SP #9

By - Friday, October 28, 2011

Success Principle #9: Success Leaves Clues

The Principle in a Nutshell: Whatever you want to do, someone has gone before and knows the way.  Ask for guidance.

Discussion: We often get so caught up in our own thoughts and lives that we don’t think beyond ourselves. We forget that others often have useful information.  We also get caught in the fear of asking.  We think we might appear foolish or get rejected.

The truth is people love to talk about themselves and their accomplishments.  When you ask someone to share their expertise, you are paying them a great compliment, and in my experience, you will rarely be turned down.

Sedona Method Release:

Allow yourself to think about reaching out to someone who has either done what you are hoping to do, or has some information that may be helpful.  And just notice your initial reaction.  Is there any resistance to calling or e-mailing?  If so, could you just allow that feeling of resistance to dissolve?  Then ask, is there anything about calling or e-mailing that I feel accepting of or would be willing to accept? (this might be excitement about the possibility of getting information or even being okay with dialing the phone) If so, could you simply welcome, or rest into, that feeling of acceptance?  Then go back and ask, is there any resistance?  Keep going back and forth between releasing the feeling of resistance and welcoming the feeling of acceptance until you feel ready to take action.  

Movement Activity:  
This principle is asking us to be willing to be students, to not know it all.  See if you can find the student in you, the inquisitive one who is willing to ask questions, raise his or her hand and wait for an answer. Notice the excitement and anticipation in the body that can come in this state.  
You might also want to explore the opposite- what does it feel like when you think you have all the answers?  When you think you know it all, or should know it all?  

What do you think?

Please share with us how what you noticed doing this movement activity and what actions you are taking.  




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