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See What You Want, Get What You See - SP #11

By - Friday, January 27, 2012

Success Principle #11:  See What You Want, Get What You See

The Principle in a Nutshell: Use visualization to support your success.

Discussion: The power of visualization has long been used by sports psychologists and performance coaches.  Seeing yourself engaged in an activity primes the brain and the body for peak performance.  Supporting the visualization process with emotion is key.  As you feel into the experience, you are toning the body-mind to allow for more and different opportunities.  Researchers have found that the brain can’t actually distinguish between a real activity and a visualized activity; it responds in the same way.  When we visualize, there may be a negative reaction or thought that arises, rather than pushing it away, use releasing to move through it. 

Sedona Method Release:

Allow yourself to thing about something you want.  Maybe it’s a vacation, a new body, a better relationship or improved health.  Whatever it is, just allow yourself to imagine having it.  What does it look like, feel like, sound like?  Who’s with you?  Turn up the dial on the sensory experience and allow it to get as real as possible.  Then just notice if the mind starts chattering, or offers an opinion about you not deserving, it’ll never happen, etc.  And then, rather than trying to push those thoughts away, could you just allow them to be there?  And then, could you notice that those thoughts are not actually attached to you and that you don’t need to do anything at all with them?  And could you just allow them to naturally dissolve? (which is what happens with all thoughts and feelings when we don’t resist them)

Click here to listen to the release on goals and visualizing from blog post #7.

Movement/Play Activity:  
While visualization by itself is a very powerful tool, some of us are more kinesthetic or auditory in our orientation.  Try adding some music and movement to your visualization.  How will your body move when you’ve dropped 20 lbs?  What sounds will you be hearing in the cabarets in Paris?  Perhaps there is an old song that stimulates a feeling you’ve been trying to recreate.  Or your modality may be clay or finger paints.  Find what feels good to play with, and let yourself enjoy the process.  This will also help you stay released and not go into the feeling of lust (which then you’d just have to release).   

What do you think?

Do you have any great stories about using a vision board or visualizing?  Please share them with us.



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