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Practice Persistence - SP #22

By - Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Success Principle #22- Practice Persistence

The Principle in a Nutshell: Don’t Give Up!

Discussion: Today’s blog is a sneak peak at an excerpt from my book that will be published in 2013.

Just keep writing.  That’s what I’ve been telling myself.  Even if you don’t know where you’re going, even if you’re repeating yourself, even if you’re writing crap.  Just sit down and write.  Sort it out later.  Different than discipline, persistence calls on the stubborn part of me that knows what she wants and knows how to get it.  It’s rare that I get to consciously employ her.  More often than not, I have to tell her not now or let it go.  But, with this book, she is very useful.  

Persistence is the quality that I put on Harald’s angel card.  Harald was my lab/Australian shepherd mix who we also titled ‘pushiest dog ever’.  The saying on his card was ‘I lovingly stand fast in achieving what I desire’.  Dogs are such great role models for us in persistence, they don’t give up easily and they don’t (usually) get nasty about it either.  They just want what they want and are going to do whatever it takes to get it.  An obstruction is just something to be navigated.  They don’t take roadblocks personally.  If they did, Harald never would have navigated the chairs and objects designed to fence him into the kitchen as a puppy and navigated to his favorite snuggle spot on my husband’s feet.  What a concept!  A roadblock is not personal.  When we hit a wall, instead of trying to navigate it, we often try to figure out what it’s message is, or what it has to do with how we are in the world.  Dogs just look at them as the next thing to overcome.  From now on, I’m just going to pretend to be Harald when the roadblocks show up!

Play Activities:

What a great principle to play with.  Designing your own physical roadblocks to break through can give you that exhilarating feeling that goes with knocking down structures and busting through walls.  Remember, where the body goes, the mind will follow.  Allowing yourself to physically feel the persistence it takes to push through barriers gives the mind the message that it is capable of doing the same thing.

Tell us how persistence has paid off for you.  

Your comments are valuable to us.  

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