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Reject Rejection - SP #18

By - Friday, August 03, 2012

Success Principle #18:  Reject Rejection

The Principle in a Nutshell: Recognize that the whole concept of rejection is in your head.

Discussion: This principle speaks to how we perceive other people’s responses to us and our requests or proposals.  It recognizes that a ‘no’ response is not a rejection of us.  How many times have you said no to cake or ice cream?  Is it because you don’t like cake or ice cream?  Do you think the cake takes it personally?  Do you think the ice cream will never try to entice you again?  Yes, I am personifying inanimate objects, but maybe we have something to learn from them.  The fifth way of releasing recognizes that there is really nothing personal or attached to us anyway.  So, the fact that someone says no to us, doesn’t have to have any meaning at all.

Sedona Method Release:

Think about all the times someone has said no to you and how you have interpreted the no.  Has it pushed you to try harder?  To give up?  Have you assumed it was personal?  Just allow yourself to notice whatever it is you believe a no response says.  Welcome the pictures, sounds and sensations.  And then check and see, is that belief coming from wanting approval, control, security, separation or oneness?  Whichever you are most aware of, could you let it go?  And could you let go of wanting to believe that again and rest beyond all beliefs?  (repeat 3-5x until no starts to feel neutal)

Movement Activity:

Allow yourself to locate in your body the feeling of rejection.  Try walking through the room feeling rejected.  You will likely notice this to be difficult.  
Then imagine rejecting rejection, what does that look like or feel like in movement or sensation?  Try moving with this.
And then, allow yourself to imagine all the no’s just bouncing off of you.  Perhaps even getting energized by the activity.  How does this move?  What does this feel like?

Bonus activity:  let yourself say no, no, no over and over again and let yes, yes, yes, then no, yes, no, yes, no, yes until you notice that both are just sounds…  

What do you think?  Your comments are valuable to us.  

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