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Keep Score for Success - SP #21

By - Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Success Principle #21- Keep Score for Success

The Principle in a Nutshell: Keep records of your achievements and your progress.  Our natural inclination is to want more of what we feel good about.

Discussion: This principle is very close to one I teach ‘what you pay attention to multiplies’, but with a slightly different emphasis.  About 15 years ago, I was responsible for recruiting 40 volunteers to staff a weekend training.  It was challenging and time intensive.  To help motivate myself, I put up a board in my office and gave myself a star for every committed volunteer.  This visual reinforcement helped me to focus on the progress I was making, not how far I still had to go.  

Sedona Method Release:

I like playing with this principle with holistic releases to help loosen the mind from the negative position it often takes.  Remember, with holistic releases, just ask the question and see what arises, and go back and forth at least 5 or 6 times until you feel neutral.

Could you allow yourself to feel (as much as you do) that you’ve made no progress towards your goal? (or in your life?)/

Could you allow yourself to feel (as much as you do) that you have made progress towards your goal? (or in your life?)

And, if you have any judgments about keeping score, play with this release.

Keeping score is bad/Keeping score is good

Play Activities:

I definitely recommend the approach I took 15 years ago, create physical markers for your success.  Besides stickers on a chart, you can also use marbles in a vase or simple check marks on a calendar, or anything else that strikes your fancy.  Just be sure to place it where you can see it.

Draw a scoreboard with chalk on the sidewalk or driveway outside your house and walk the bases or jump the lines each time you have a personal gain.  Feeling the win in your body will do more for you than your mind will!

Want to practice this principle?  Share a success here.

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