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Just Lean Into It - SP #14

By - Friday, March 02, 2012

Success Principle #14:  Just Lean Into It

The Principle in a Nutshell: Start moving in the direction you want to be heading.

Discussion: I really like this principle.  Perhaps because it’s so body-oriented.  When we lean with the body, we get pulled in that direction (unless of course, something or someone pushes us back).  I believe the same principles apply across the board, that leaning into something we want gives us momentum towards exploring and having that.  I am personally living this principle right now.  I am venturing more into the world of coaching small business owners and offering teleconferences.  And, even though I don’t know what I’m doing (not the content part, the marketing and technical parts); I am taking steps in that direction.  I have scheduled a couple of free conferences and am starting to see myself doing coaching for executives and business owners.  It’s important to know that you don’t have to have the big picture and all the answers to lean into something you are passionate about.

Sedona Method Release with Movement Activity:

Think about something you are wanting to pursue but haven’t allowed yourself because you don’t have it all figured out.  And just for now, could you let go of wanting to figure it out?  And, could you let go of wanting to believe you have to have all the answers before doing anything?  Then allow yourself to go back and forth physically, leaning in and leaning out, spending a moment in each position.  Notice how it feels as you lean in- does it bring up fear or excitement?  Notice how it feels as you lean out- is it familiar?  Comfortable?  Fearful or safe?  Once you become aware of the feelings leaning in and leaning out stir up, release on them, by asking yourself, ‘is this coming from wanting approval, control, security, separation or oneness?’ Whichever want you are most aware of, let go (if even just for now) and keep going until you feel courage, acceptance or peace about leaning in.  

What do you think?  Your comments are valuable to us.  

What did you notice when you played with leaning in and leaning out?  What is something you’ve been wanting to pursue?



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