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Chunk it Down - SP #8

By - Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Success Principle #8: Chunk it Down

The Principle in a Nutshell: Breaking down large goals into smaller, doable action steps is what makes them achievable.

Discussion: Whether we have actually set a goal, or have just been longing for something, what prevents us from taking action is often the feeling of overwhelm.  Whether we are looking for a career change, a fit body, or zero debt; we may get stuck thinking that we don’t know where to start or that a small step is meaningless.

One of the areas in my life that this principle has been really helpful is in cleaning up the physical messes in my home and office.  While it feels impossible to tackle the whole closet, I can commit to 15 minutes or one shelf a week.  And, slowly but surely, the spaces around me are becoming less cluttered and more livable.  

Sedona Method Release:

Allow yourself to think about an area of your life where you want to see something shift but have not taken any action.  Just notice what feelings arise as you think about both the change you have been wanting to see, and the lack of action.  You may notice feelings of lust or craving, or feelings of frustration with yourself or even apathy or grief.  Whatever feelings are arising, could you just allow them to be here?  And then check and see, is that feeling coming from wanting approval, control, security, separation or oneness?  Whichever want you are most aware of, could you let it go?  And could you let go of the feeling?  (Keep going until the feeling releases)
Then ask yourself, what’s one action step I could take towards this?  Then notice if there is any resistance to taking that step.  If so, allow yourself to feel the resistance and let it dissolve.  If the resistance gets stronger, ask yourself if the resistance is coming from wanting approval, control, security, separation or oneness.  Keep going until you feel courageous enough to take that step.

Movement Activity:  
This is a fun and easy one to play with in movement.  Find a space in your home or office where there’s room to move.  Allow yourself to think about your goal and imagine it being across the room.  Take a tiny baby step in that direction and notice how it feels.  Then take a huge step, again noticing how it feels.  Play with bigger and smaller steps allowing yourself to think about what action steps might be big, small or in-between.  Find the action and movement that is comfortable and a bit of a stretch for you.  (and then make a plan to do it)

What do you think?

Please share with us how what you noticed doing this movement activity and what actions you are taking.   



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