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Believe In Yourself - #5

By - Friday, September 16, 2011

Success Principle #5: Believe In Yourself

The Principle in a Nutshell: You must believe in your own ability to be successful and effect change.  

Discussion: Very closely related to principle #4 (you must believe it’s possible); the self-doubt will sabotage steps towards success.  As simple as this principle sounds, it is one of the most difficult to put into practice.  Negative self beliefs are wound pretty tight for most of us and can be challenging to let go of.    

Example: When we believe success is possible, but not for us, we start to feel like victims.  The world only works for everybody else.  This results in thoughts such as ‘why bother?’ ‘it is never going to happen’ and ‘I’m just wasting my time’.  Resulting or related behavior includes being easily distracted, addiction, procrastination, blaming and more.  

Sedona Method Release:

There are many releases that can be used on this topic.  I am listing several holistic releases (remember, with holistic releases, go back and forth on each at least 6-8times in one sitting).  I would recommend doing a couple of these releases, whichever resonate for you, daily for a week or longer and see what happens.*

1. Could you allow yourself to dislike yourself as much as you do?/Could you allow yourself to like yourself as much as you do? (or as best you can)
2. Could you allow yourself to feel as incompetent as you do?/ Could you allow yourself to feel as competent as you do?
3. Could you allow yourself to feel as stupid as you do?/ Could you allow yourself to feel as smart as you do?
4. Could you allow yourself to feel as unsuccessful as you do?/ Could you allow yourself to feel as successful as you do?

(go back and forth at least 5 or 6 times until both sides feel neutral)

*Often, when I ask people to feel something perceived as negative about themselves, they resist, not wanting to strengthen the belief.  In truth, the belief gets strengthened by resisting it.  When we allow ourselves to bring it into awareness, it can let go.  

Movement Activity:  

Think of something you feel very confident about, even if it’s your ability to count to 10.  Notice what it feels like in your body to know you can do something.  You may even remember being in grade school raising your hand, thinking ‘I know, I know, call on me’.  Let yourself remember what it feels like to believe in yourself.  Let this feeling get as strong as it possibly can in your body and notice if your posture or the way you walk shifts.  Then think of something else you feel confident about and do it again.

What do you think?

Have you ever had the experience of thinking something about yourself and had someone reflect back to you the complete opposite? (Ex. Thinking ‘I’m not creative’ and someone saying to you ‘you are so creative’)  Please share with us.  

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