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Be Willing to Pay the Price - SP #16

By - Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Success Principle #16:  Be Willing to Pay the Price

The Principle in a Nutshell: Success doesn’t come without putting in the work.  

Discussion: I think this is a principle worth looking at from a few different angles.  The examples Jack Canfield sites in his book are from sports and music, where practice can fine tune and develop ability. Hale Dwoskin might respond to this principle with a comment like this- ‘unless it does’.  I think that putting in the work  (or paying the price) may be releasing and getting the limitations out of the way.  To me, the key point in this principle is the word willing.  How willing are you to take action if necessary, release when appropriate and stick to it when you feel like giving up?

Sedona Method Release:

Allow yourself to think about wanting success, whether it be in the area of finances, health, relationship or something else entirely.  How long have you been wanting that?  What have you been doing or not doing that helps/hinders your success?  Maybe take a couple of minutes to write down what you are aware of.  
And then notice any aversion or resistance to ‘paying the price’ or doing the work you believe necessary to be successful.  Could you just allow yourself to feel that feeling?  And check and see if it’s coming from wanting approval, control, security, separation or oneness.  Whichever you are most aware of, could you let it go?  And could you let go of that feeling of aversion or resistance?  Repeat the release at least four or five times and then notice what if anything remains.  If there is still a strong feeling, you might allow yourself to wonder if you really want what you have been saying you want.  

Play Activity:

What’s this worth to me?

When we go to the grocery or department store, we may have in mind how much we are willing to pay for a certain food or clothing item.  If it’s more than the price we had in mind, we may decide to pass.
We often don’t have a price in mind when we think about success.  A loving relationship might cost you some independence; financial success may mean sacrificing time with your family.  Allow yourself to create a list of what you are and are not willing to do in order to have what you want.  You may find some things aren’t as important as you thought.

What do you think?  Your comments are valuable to us.  

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