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Act As If - SP #12

By - Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Success Principle #12:  Act As If

The Principle in a Nutshell: Start acting right now as you would when the goal is achieved.  

Discussion: There are many things we can do now that will put the gears in motion for being where we want to be.  We can change our clothes, our attitude, our business cards, our websites and more to reflect the changes we want in our lives.  For health and relationship goals, this may take a little more creative thought, but acting as if sends a clear message to the universe and reprograms our brain.    
When we act as if, it is possible it will bring up some feelings of grief, anger or lust about not already having it.  The following release is designed to help you let go of those feelings.

Sedona Method Release:

Allow yourself imagine being thin, being rich, being healthy or whatever it is you desire.  Welcome all the pictures, sounds and sensations that arise as you think about that.  Then also notice if that brings any feelings to the surface.  If so, ask yourself, is this feeling coming from wanting approval, control, security, separation or oneness?  Whichever want you are most aware of, could you let it go?  And could you let go of that feeling?  Repeat exercise until the feeling dissolves and then start over and see if any new feelings come up.  Release on all feelings until you feel courage, acceptance or peace.  

Movement/Play Activity:  
In writing this blog, my mind started to play with possibilities.  This activity invites your mind to play.  For each of the following statements, fill in at least three options of what you might be doing, wearing, feeling, etc..

If I was fit and healthy, I would be _______________________________

If I was financially independent I would be _________________________

If I was in a positive, supportive relationship, I would be _______________

If I was experiencing freedom in my life, I would be ___________________

Add your own goals and fill in the blank.

What do you think?

Send us back your filled in statements.  Share the wealth of creative thinking.  



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