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About Purpose - #2

By - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Canfield Principle #2: Be Clear Why You’re Here

The Principle in a Nutshell: Know what you have been put on Earth to do.    

Discussion: Your purpose is always tied to your passions.  Exploring what you love to do and doing more of it is good for you, good for others and good for the planet.  
I have seen way too many clients in angst over not knowing their life purpose and feeling paralyzed trying to figure it out.  Taking a step, any step, will start the process.  Don’t wait until you think you have it figured out.

Case Study: Lydia was in a field she hated for many years.  She was afraid to leave because she didn’t know what she would do for income.  As she learned to allow herself to have fun with the exploration, she started a blog on one passion and shortly thereafter, another opportunity presented itself in another area she was also passionate about.  Within just a few months, she was able to quit her job.

Sedona Method Release: This is what’s called a holistic release, going back and forth between two polarities.  Don’t try to answer the questions, just notice what comes up.
Could you allow yourself to feel as much as you do that you don’t know what excites you or what your purpose is?  Could you allow yourself to feel as much as you do, or as best you can that you know what excites you or what your purpose is?  
(go back and forth between the two questions 6 to 8 times, you may be surprised at what you uncover)

Playful Activities:
1.    Write yourself a letter from your inner 5 year old.  What does he/she love to do?  What would she like to see you doing more of?  What does he miss in your life now?  What dreams did she have?  What was exciting about those dreams?   
2.    Put on some music that helps you to slow your thoughts down and create a spontaneous collage from magazine pictures and sayings.  What are you drawn to?  What images or words make you smile?
3.    Ask yourself, ‘if there was one thing about the world I could change, what would it be?’   Journal about this and see what comes out!

What do you think?  
Please share an experience you had with this principle. Or any questions…

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