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7 Useful Tips When Feeling Overwhelmed

By - Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ever feel like there's too much to do and you can't keep up?  (or should I say always...)

Some things you can do (most of them in 30 seconds or less) to help yourself:

1.     Breathe

2.    Allow yourself to feel as overwhelmed as you do (just for a moment)- That means get conscious, stop what you are doing and say to yourself  “wow, I feel overwhelmed”.  Racing around and saying you are overwhelmed does not count for validating a feeling.  When you acknowledge the feeling and the sensations,  your system will settle down and begin to dissolve the upset.

3.    Notice the thoughts – what are you saying to yourself about yourself?  Are those thoughts true?  Are they helpful?  See if you can find something to say that would be more supportive, i.e. “I have so much to do, it’s a good thing I’m so competent".

4.    Check your body posture.  Are you sitting in a position that feels like you have the world on your shoulders?  Try a different posture or even a different chair when working at your desk (ergonomic chairs or large balls force us into sitting up, which makes us feel more powerful)

5.    Renegotiate agreements if necessary, with yourself and others.  If the demands truly are too great, first see if they are really coming from someone else, or if they are coming from you.  If from someone else, talk to that person and ask which are their highest priorities, letting them know (as calmly as possible), that getting it all done is not humanly possible.  If you are putting the demands on yourself, have the same conversation and stop and prioritize. 

6.    Schedule play breaks (can be as simple as 30 seconds with a wind-up toy), or find a way to have fun with what you are doing.

7.    Let go of any resistance to the feeling of overwhelm.  As best you can, make friends with the feeling and know it won’t kill you.

Be sure to check out Gail's post about what stress is doing to your body.  

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