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Telling Stories to Avoid Feeling

By  - Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Telling Stories to Avoid Feeling


Back in 2012 (OMG, that’s 7 years ago!) I wrote a blog about defending yourself to others and how that ramps up the feeling of being under attack. Recently, I started seeing how we do this to ourselves with telling stories about what we’re experiencing.

Here’s an example: The neighbor’s dog runs out into the street and gets hit by a car. I’m devastated. It brings up grief for the family, for the shortening of the dog’s life and the memory of my dog, Elsa, who was also hit and killed by a car. It probably also brings up fear that Beatrice (the current four-legged) will do the same thing.

What the mind likes to do in this situation is to protect us from the feelings. It will do that by making up stories about why that happened. “They weren’t watching the dog close enough”. “They didn’t take the time to train the dog”. “They must have left the gate open”. These are all made up stories (whether there’s an element of truth to them or not) to try to protect ourselves from our own feelings of fear and grief.

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