Stress Relief in 30 Seconds!

Fast and Easy Stress Management Techniques

What if you could relieve stress in 30 seconds or less?  Would you do it?

Famous Last Words:  “I’m just stressed”

Do you minimize the impact of stress? Suffer through it until your next vacation? Compete with your co-workers about who is most stressed?

We may take it lightly, but stress is no laughing matter. In the body, stress increases inflammation, which causes the body to make more cortisol and taxes the adrenal glands; potentially leading to blood sugar dysregulation, insomnia, stubborn weight, digestive issues, joint pain, and immune dysregulation (can suppress or fire up-auto-immune). Stress has been shown to worsen or trigger diabetes; accelerate aging and decrease sexual desire.

In the workplace, stress makes us irritable, forgetful, impatient, and prone to errors. It affects productivity, employee turnover, health care costs, frequency of errors and patient satisfaction.

In any moment, stress is intangible and non-descript. Unlike a headache or an allergy attack, we can’t directly define the ailment of stress or take a pill for it. Until we end up with resulting symptoms that cripple us, we ignore it. Even as we feel it building, we make excuses (such as not enough time or money), to not treat or even acknowledge it.

But, we can relieve stress with strategies that take no time or money!

The innate wisdom of your body can be used for self-care and preservation.

The natural power of play can ease your way through life.

And, you can easily let go when you know what’s driving your reactions.

Often in 30 Seconds or Less!

We can all learn to listen and use the body in easy and compassionate ways. Stress management can become easy and fun. Melanie’s background as a body-oriented psychotherapist supports a gentle, non-threatening approach to the body. She teaches how to use the body as an ally, how play and movement can inform and transform, and how letting go can support having.

Concrete, inspirational and stimulating, Melanie’s stress management workshops create genuine interest, response and discussion which supports growth and insight unique to each individual.

In an uncertain and ever-changing world, employees are consistently being asked to adapt, meet adversity and ultimately succeed. Melanie facilitates this occurrence by awakening the spirit of employees, stimulating the resilience of the individual and the organization. With proper stress management, work becomes fun and creative, productivity increases and turnover decreases.

Melanie expertly employs her Sedona Method training and Somatic Psychotherapy Masters degree, along with her professional counselor license and EMDR and Hypnotherapy certifications to effectively motivate and move audiences. Listeners of Melanie’s presentations are able to immediately employ the tools offered to relieve stress and embrace joy.

Blog Talk Radio Interview

Melanie is interviewed by Dina Proctor on Blog Talk Radio about her new book Stress Free in 30 Seconds. Listen now and again later to quickly manage stress with tips and a guided exercise. Listen to the radio show now.

About MSI

Melanie Smithson Institute is dedicated to enriching lives through embodied education and training; using movement, play and releasing to connect with innate wisdom and joy.  

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